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What Could Be Better Than The #BammyAwards?

Jennifer L. Scheffer

Roughly two weeks ago I was checking the updates section of my inbox from my phone and noticed a message from Rae Pica. The portion of the message I saw read:

“Jennifer L. Scheffer has been nominated for a Bam…”
“Congratulations, Jennifer L. Scheffer has been…”

I thought, “What…? Huh…?” I opened the email and continued reading.

“Congratulations, Jennifer L. Scheffer has been nominated for a Bammy Award in the category of School Technologist by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences. 

Jonathan R. Werner submitted the following reason for making the nomination…”


I went on to read Jonathan’s thoughts on how I am making a difference at my school. It’s difficult to express how I felt at that moment. I was honored and flattered that Jonathan, who I met in person at Edcamp Maine in the fall of 2013, took the time to submit a nomination on my behalf but even…

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Our Maker Mission

Thanks so much for your diligence and ingenuity, Cat. You’re a true inspiration to all of us!!! We’ll greatly miss you!!

catastrophic blog

Semester two has just begun and the die-hard Help Desk students who have returned for another round are beginning to investigate new concepts and potential projects. Myself and senior Mira Mehdi‘s main project for this semester is the creation of BHS’s first ever Makerspace. As of right now we have the space for the room and just ordered a Makerbot 3D printer which will be the first piece of equipment we add to the space. Our Makerspace is going to be in the room located right next to HelpDesk in the library and this entire project is student driven. The students of Help Desk have been given the freedom to both explore the potential of the room, design it, and collaborate with our teacher to clearly define the mission and purpose of the space. Our plan is to use Google SketchUp to design the room and then work from…

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