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What Could Be Better Than The #BammyAwards?

Jennifer L. Scheffer

Roughly two weeks ago I was checking the updates section of my inbox from my phone and noticed a message from Rae Pica. The portion of the message I saw read:

“Jennifer L. Scheffer has been nominated for a Bam…”
“Congratulations, Jennifer L. Scheffer has been…”

I thought, “What…? Huh…?” I opened the email and continued reading.

“Congratulations, Jennifer L. Scheffer has been nominated for a Bammy Award in the category of School Technologist by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences. 

Jonathan R. Werner submitted the following reason for making the nomination…”


I went on to read Jonathan’s thoughts on how I am making a difference at my school. It’s difficult to express how I felt at that moment. I was honored and flattered that Jonathan, who I met in person at Edcamp Maine in the fall of 2013, took the time to submit a nomination on my behalf but even…

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